Lasting Impressions Personal Training -             Working Your body to leave those Lasting Impressions
Welcome to Lasting Impressions Personal Training;
Lasting Impressions Personal Training, based out of Brattleboro, Vermont is a personal training service committed to working with our clients to provide all services around the client’s time of preference in the safest, most informative way of proper training practice and regimen available to help aid in educating one in a manner of achieving a higher level of health and fitness with educational training in the most positive and motivational manner through proper information and practice provided. We aim in helping clients to be able and comfortable in their pursuit of gaining their greatest level of health through positive guidance with emphasis on safety through proper practice in their fitness routines independently, with another partner, or in future training sessions with Lasting Impressions to further ones education in proper practice in the fitness field through services provided in a positive, motivational manner. Services are provided at any preferred time for one session which is however long of a duration desired by the client for the fee of $25.00. Lasting Impressions, unlike many others does not rush a client to only 1 hour long and sessions are over. No rush in any session of instruction to finish any moment when time is desired for even one more, (or ten more) moments or sets of educational moments to help a client to go further towards reaching their goals of health and fitness for their everyday life to their fullest potential in the most positive, intelligent, and influential manner. 
Any questions or requests can be made at anytime to Derek Root at (802)-598-3033 via phone. All contact info is available on the contact us link above. Lasting Impressions is devoted to working with clients in the safest, most educational ad influential manner possible and hopes to be able to aid you to achieve you highest level of health and fitness in the safest and educational, influential manner available.   Thanks for visiting our services site, Lasting Impressions would love to help you in guidance to the highest, most educational and influential manner available and possible.  
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